Getting by boat

The main ferry port in Venice is the Port of Venice (tel: 041 533 4111; which operates ferries out of the Venice Passenger Terminal (tel: (041) 240 3000; located to the west of the city centre. The port also caters for large cruise ships and is one of Europe’s busiest ports.

Water Travel Ferry:
Ferry services to other cities and countries are run mainly in the summer. Minoan Lines (tel: (30) 2810 399 800; operates from Greece and runs a daily service from Venice to Patras on the Greek mainland, with additional stops in Corfu. The journey takes approximately 36 hours.

Venezia Lines (tel: 041 822 1101; also operates during the summer and provides high-speed catamaran sailings linking Venice to Croatia and Slovenia.

Water Travel Transfer:

The Port of Venice is located on the main island and lies within walking distance of the Piazzale Roma from where alternative forms of transport can be obtained. A free shuttle also bus runs between the two locations.
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