Cappuccino is a frothy form of coffee, a shot of espresso in a large cup served with steamed milk and foam drunk only in the mornings and never after a meal. Cappuccinos were first developed around 1900 with local variations which had levelled out to the common form found today by about the 1950s. Thus a genuine cappuccino is made from 1/3 espresso, 1/3 warm milk and 1/3 foam; it can be decorated with cocoa powder or cinammon. In general cappuccino is a breakfast drink taken with a croisant or biscuits; the froth is often eaten with a spoon. More recently it is being drunk at other times of the day, but never with or after food.

Cappuccino is an Italian milky coffee drink, made from espresso coffee and hot milk, topped with a generous amount of foamed milk with very fine bubbles in it. It often has a small amount of sugar added to it by the drinker.

The classic proportions are usually 25 ml (.8 oz) espresso to 125 ml (4.2 oz) milk, making a 150 ml / 5 oz drink in total, and a 1 to 5 ratio. The coffee is poured into the cup, then the hot milk is poured in, then a scoop of the foamed milk goes on top.

It is, classically, served in a squat coffee cup with a handle. In Italy, a dusting of cocoa powder may be offered. In North America, you may be offered either cocoa powder, or cinnamon (purists say no to the cinnamon.)

In Italy, Cappuccino is sold at bars and latterie (dairy stores.) There, it is drunk in the morning for breakfast, often with a croissant, a brioche or another sort of Pasticcini for a light breakfast.

Anyone drinking a Cappuccino after 11 am in Italy stands out as a tourist. In North America, Cappuccino is served any time of day. Recently, Europeans outside Italy, especially northern Europeans, have started to adopt the North American habit of drinking it whenever.

"Iced Cap" or "Iced Cappuccino" drinks are actually closer to lattes.

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